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Published on July 7th, 2016 | by SOMDParents


Special Showings for Special Needs

There are hundreds of families in southern Maryland with children who have special needs. These families are often unable to attend a regular movie showing because their child has sensory sensitivities including light and sound sensitivity as well as trouble sitting still or staying quiet. The low lighting and loud surround sound can be enough to send many kids into a meltdown before the movie even begins. Often, children with special needs have strict dietary restrictions and preferences that would not be available at a movie concession stand and are unable to bring food into the theater. Many families opt to stay home where glaring eyes, comments, and judgments by the large crowds in movie theaters can be avoided. The Promise Resource Center recognized the problem in our community and began planning a solution to ensure that children with special needs would be able to experience the excitement and joy that comes with going to the movies.

Special Showings for Special Needs is a program being introduced at R/C Theatre, Lexington Exchange, Movies 12, in California, MD in partnership with The Promise Resource Center. These “special” screenings will include accommodations for those who have special needs such as higher lighting, lower volume, and a screening room where guests are welcome to move around, talk and be silly while enjoying a new movie. Although the concessions will be open for those with a popcorn and soda cravings, parents are welcome to bring snacks from home for children with dietary restrictions. The cost of the movies are $6.00 per person and tickets must be purchased at the main window. Tickets will not be available to purchase in advance.



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