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Published on August 22nd, 2016 | by SOMDParents


8 Tips to Help Ease School Anxiety

Deserted. Anxious. Nervous. Exited. Abandoned. Lonely.

These are all feelings your child may experience on their first day of school. While many children look forward to all the new adventures that await them at school, many feel overwhelmed and stressed about what this new experience will bring. “Will I make friends? Will the teacher take care of me? Will my mom or dad be there to pick me up at the end of the day? What if I get lost in that big school?” These questions may seem silly but to a young child, they can mean the difference between dread and peace of mind. It’s nearly impossible to put every fear and stressor to rest before school starts, but addressing emotions and talking about what to expect is still very important!

Tips to help ease school anxiety-

  1. Listen to your child and validate their feelings (“I know school can seem like a scary place…”)
  2. Create a routine and stick to it. Life is just easier when your child knows what’s coming. Charts and checklists are super helpful because your child can visualize and see what they have accomplished and what lies ahead. This mom’s got some cute routine charts!
  3. Create a keepsake for your child to bring to school so that they can find comfort when they’re feeling low. A homemade bracelet or special coin would do the trick.
  4. Make a calm down bottle. These can be effective when your child just needs a minute to focus and relax. Using it before school is a great way to ease worries before it’s time to go. Here’s a beautiful one!
  5. Make after school plans like a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood so that your child has something to look forward to when they get home. This is also an awesome opportunity to hear about your child’s day and talk about what they were/are feeling.
  6. Put special notes in your child’s lunch bag or backpack so they know you’re thinking of them throughout the day. An “I’ll see you in 3 hours!” or “Can’t wait to help you with your homework tonight!” will lift spirits and hopefully help your child realize that they haven’t been abandoned and school is not punishment.
  7. Practice breathing techniques. One of our favorites is the straw and button technique. Have your child blow through a straw to move a button across a table. This will help them focus, have fun, and relax by taking deep breaths. Bunny Breath is a fun breathing exercise as well that can be used at school when your child is going through a tough moment. Just 3 quick sniffs in the nose and one long exhale out the nose. Invite kids to pretend to be bunnies, sniffing the air for other bunnies, carrots to eat, or safety.
  8. Attend Meet the Teacher Night no matter what! This can be a crucial moment for your children to see what their classroom will look like, who their teacher is and scope out some of the other kids who will be in their class.

We hope your child has a great first day of school! To find all the important information you need to know about back to school in the tri-county area, click here! 

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