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Christmas Decoration Recycling Crafts and Activities

It can be so easy to get caught up in all of the joy and excitement of Christmas morning when kids are shredding and tearing wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows off of their presents. But what do you do with all of the paper and scraps when the fun is over? Throw them away? Have you ever tried recycling the paper, bows, and other materials? Here is a list of fun crafts and activities to do with leftovers!

  1. Recycled Box Village


This is a great activity to get kids engaged and creative! Use materials you already have at home like empty food boxes, wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, and cotton balls to make an entire Christmas village! This is a great alternative to the super messy Gingerbread House!







2. Cardboard Puzzle


All you have to do is glue your wrapping paper to a piece of cardboard. Cut the board down to the size of the paper you glued. Once the glue has dried, begin cutting random pieces out of the cardboard to make the puzzle pieces! The more complex the paper design and cuts you make the harder the puzzle will be!







3.  File Folder Matching Game


This activity is for young children to practice matching images and visual recognition. For older kids, you could lose the folder and flip each card over to make a real memory game. Make sure to mix them up each time before you play so there is a new challenge and a new chance to win every time!






4. Jingle Bell Sticks


Use either a paper towel roll, toilet paper roll, or empty wrapping paper roll, some wrapping paper, pipe cleaners, and jingle bells of course. Tape the paper over the rolls, then punch some holes into each end to put the pipe cleaner and jingle bells on. Weave the pipe cleaners through the jingle bells and then through the holes on the roll. Let the kids go nuts making rhythms and beats!





5. Bow Wreath


Don’t want to waste the bows? Make sure to peel them off the crumpled paper before it gets tossed. Plan on making a bow wreath after the celebrations have died down a bit by painting a paper plate, cutting the center out, and gluing bows! Hang with a ribbon. It’s as simple as that!










6. Christmas Card Ornaments


Use your favorite cookie cutter shapes to trace lines around the Christmas card you’d like to keep. Cut out the photo or design and punch a hole in the top to attach a ribbon!


Do you have any creative recycling ideas for used (or leftover) holiday materials? Let us know!

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