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Published on August 24th, 2016 | by Carolyn Smith


Questions to Ask Your Child After School

We all know what it’s like trying to talk to your children at the end of a long school day. Your child rushes to the fridge, grabs a snack and plops down on the couch or at the computer, ready to unwind. Unless your child is already a great communicator, it may be hard to get an answer other than “fine” or “good” to the humdrum “how was school today?” question. Think about it, your kid has most likely been at school all day being talked at–now is their chance to be heard…try to make it interesting. Interesting enough so that the oh-so-tempting television or tablet doesn’t suck them in before you get a chance! Ask questions that demand a thoughtful response other than “yes”, “no”, “good” etc. You may even want to  answer your own question using your own experiences at work that day so they get an idea of what you’re looking for. Hearing you talk about your day may encourage your child to engage in the conversation. Here are some thought provoking questions to get them jabbering!

  • What did you have for lunch?
  • What was your favorite thing that you ate?
  • Did you see anyone picking their nose? **Remember, you asked…don’t be surprised to hear some pretty gross answers!
  • Did anyone do anything nice for you?
  • What was the nicest thing you did for someone else?
  • Who made you smile today?
  • Which one of your teachers would survive a zombie apocalypse? Why?
  • What new fact did you learn today?
  • Who brought the best food in their lunch today? What was it?
  • What challenged you today?
  • If school were a ride at the fair, which ride would it be? Why?
  • What would you rate your day on a scale of 1 to 10? Why?
  • If one of your classmates could be the teacher for the day who would you want it to be? Why?
  • If you had the chance to be the teacher tomorrow, what would you teach the class?
  • Did anyone push your buttons today?
  • Who do you want to make friends with but haven’t yet? Why not?
  • What is your teacher’s most important rule?
  • What is the most popular thing to do at recess?
  • Does your teacher remind you of anyone else you know? How?
  • Tell me something you learned about a friend today.
  • If aliens came to school and beamed up 3 kids, who do you wish they would take? Why?
  • What is one thing you did today that was helpful?
  • When did you feel most proud of yourself today?
  • What rule was the hardest to follow today?
  • What is one thing you hope to learn before the school year is over?
  • Which person in your class is your exact opposite?
  • Which area of your school is the most fun?
  • Which playground skill do you plan to master this year?
  • Does anyone in your class have a hard time following the rules?
  • Who did you sit next to in class?
  • If you could paint your school any color what would it be?
  • If the bus driver had a secret super power what do you think it would be?
  • What’s the biggest difference between last year and this year?
  • Do you like this teacher or last year’s teacher better?
  • If I called your teacher tonight, what would she say about you?

Don’t think that the creative questions have to stop here! Try coming up with some of your own. After all, you know your child better than anyone and probably have an idea of what will pique their interest and really get them talking. My final and best tip here is to LISTEN to your child. Even if they only give a couple of words for answers, stay engaged. Let them know that your ears are always open. You never know when they may come home with a great story!


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