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Watch Your Child Light Up With Music!

Music Time is a local music studio in California, MD, offering music classes for children ages birth through elementary school.  Music Time uses the Musikgarten curriculum to offer lively, fun classes that include singing, dancing and playing instruments for children and their families/caregivers.   But besides just being fun, every class is educational as well.

Each levimg_6465el of Muskigarten is tailored to your child’s age group.   For example, in a Baby Class (newborn-16 months), we explore finger plays and peek-a-boo games.  For Toddlers (16 months-age 3), we are on the move – jumping, marching, and dancing.  Preschoolers (ages 3 & 4) are eager to use their imaginations as we explore the sounds and songs of the natural world around them.  By 4 & 5, children are also ready to draw notes!  Children begin writing notes and creating their own rhythm patterns and singing patterns.  They are young composers!  At age 5 & 6, children are ready to find those patterns in a written piece of music.  Just like sounding out words on a page, children can sound out the musical patterns in a piece of music – and sing the music they see written!  Children are then ready to begin Keyboard Classes (yes, we teach piano too!).img_6292

Your child learns music they same way they learn language, by hearing it first.  The stages in learning music are the same as learning to talk and read.  With language, children begin by learning letter sounds, then patterns, and finally put the sounds and words together.  Music is learned the same way, by first singing (hearing sounds), then echoing rhythm patterns and singing patterns. These patterns are the building blocks of music that children use to learn to read music.  We can help your child become musically literate too!  Come for the fun, stay for the education.  For ages and class times, call Jennifer Anderson at 301-481-5940 or visit www.MusicTimeSoMD.com.



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