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Published on August 30th, 2016 | by SOMDParents


Labor Day Beach Safety Tips

Headed to the beach this holiday weekend? Labor Day weekend is often considered the last beach opportunity of the summer season. This year, Assateague State Park officials are warning families to keep a close eye on the water and your children because of the heavy surf due to offshore storms.

Need details on Tropical Depression 9 and the impacts it could have on our area?

It is so important to teach children the dangers of water currents (rip tides), what to look for, and methods to get out of the water.

Tip #1- Learn what a rip current looks like (Youtube, NOAA website, Google etc.)


Here is a helpful video

Tip #2- Teach your children to swim one direction parallel with the shoreline (not directly back to shore) to get out of the rip tide.

Tip #3- Teach children to remain calm and if they can no longer touch the bottom, relax and float on their back if necessary.

Tip #4- ALWAYS have one eye on your child when they are playing near the water!

Tip #5- Choose to swim in areas protected by lifeguards. In beaches guarded by United States Lifesaving Association lifeguards, like Ocean City, your chances of drowning are 1 in 18 million.

Tip #6- “Keep Your Feet in the Sand until the Lifeguard’s in the Stand.”

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