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Published on October 10th, 2016 | by SOMDParents


DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

If you haven’t gone already, no doubt the kids have been begging you to take them to the Spirit Halloween Store to pick out a Halloween costume. Before you go spend a fortune on a tacky, stereotypical Halloween costume, check out these awesome DIY Halloween costumes for 2016! Your kids will be the talk of the neighborhood and setting the trends for next year!

  1. DIY Scuba Diver


What kid doesn’t want to look like they’ve just been exploring the deep blue sea?! If you’re looking for an easy, gender neutral, AND cost effective costume, this is it!

Save two 2 liter bottles and spray paint them the appropriate colors.  Then, add simple electrical tape and silver washi tape to secure them together.  Use rope to create the straps.
The tool belt is electrical tape with Dollar Store hair curlers woven through.

Find clearance swim gear like the mask and snorkel at Walmart or Target!

    2. DIY Jellyfish

diy-jellyfish-costumes-775x1024There are several variations for the jellyfish costume but this one is adorable! You can use either a sombrero hat or clear dome shaped umbrella. You’ll also need battery operated fairy lights,  either a clear shower curtain or streamers, and lots of hot glue.

3. Cupcake

38-diy-cupcake-for-girlHow adorable (and warm) is this cupcake costume made with things you probably have already! All you will need is an old lampshade, a fleece blanket and some puffballs for sprinkles! Make sure you remove the wire and other metal pieces from the lamp shade before having your child stick their legs through it! Wrap the fleece blanket around your child’s shoulders and use safety pins to secure it. Add your puffballs with hot glue and you are done!

4. Bag of Jelly Beans



This is a super easy costume that really only requires 3 materials. You’ll need a large clear plastic bag,  multi-colored balloons, and a Jelly Belly Logo printed and cut out. First. cut 2 holes in the bottom of the bag for legs to fit through. Don’t forget to cut 2 arm holes as well! Fill the bag with small balloons!

5. Stick Figure


You will need a white shirt, white pants, and electrical tape. Use the tape to create lines down the arms, legs, and torso of the shirt and pants. It’s probably better to have your child already in their clothes. Use a paper plate and string to make the smiley face! Just use a black marker to make the expressions!

So, what are your kids going to be for Halloween?! Let us know on Instagram/ Twitter/Facebook by posting a photo using the hashtag #somdparents!


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