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DIY Sprinkler

Summer Fun DIY Sprinklers

Trying to beat this summer heat but don’t have a pool or sprinkler? You are in luck! There are several sprinkler cheats that will have the kids giggling and running around all afternoon!

As with any outdoor activity, be sure to apply sunscreen to your children before and during water play. The hose water will be cold, so the effects of sun exposure may be harder for your little ones to detect.

The first DIY sprinkler consists of a garden hose, sturdy plastic bottle, a drill, and waterproof tape.

Attach the garden hose to a sturdy plastic bottle with Tyvek tape. (Any waterproof tape would work.)  Then, drill a number of holes in the top and sides of the bottle.  The amount of water that squirts out will depend on your placement and quantity of drilled holes in your bottle. You can put your hose and bottle on the ground or hang over a branch for a falling water effect!


The second sprinkler can be made with a hose, pool noodle, waterproof tape and a skewer or drill.

Puncture the pool noodle randomly around all sides of the noodle. The more holes, the better spray.  Take note of the photo below. Stuff one end with a small piece of foam or plastic cap, then duct tape the end securely. Position your hose and then slide the end of the hose into the foam noodle, pushing it in a few inches so it holds securely. Turn on the hose and the fun will begin!


The PVC pipe DIY Sprinkler has a few more steps and materials involved but looks like so much fun for kids and adults to run through.

You can make hundreds of different sizes and shapes if you have lots of PVC pipe. For those looking for a minimalist sprinkler, check out the one below. You can always add on or make your own shape if you have more pipe to spare.

What you’ll need for this sprinkler is a hose, at least 5 long pieces of PVC pipe, PVC end caps, 1 threaded hose connector, elbow joints (90 degree) and T connections. You’ll need to drill holes in all of the PVC that you’d like to shoot water. This can be the top section or down the sides. Connect your pipes using the elbow joints. You can see more detailed instructions here. You’ll need to put the caps on all of the exposed ends except for the one wearing the garden hose! You can also make this design into a “car wash” by adding pool noodles or hanging sponges for your kids to ride their bikes through!


No matter what kind of sprinkler it is, kids love running through and getting soaked! By going an extra step and adding soap, kids can take their shower outside and use the sprinkler to wash off. So fun!

Have fun with these designs and have a great time beating the heat!

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