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Published on June 16th, 2017 | by Carolyn Smith


DIY Mosquito Repellent

They’re back! And I’m not talking about the awesome warm weather perks like thunderstorms and watermelon and days spent sunbathing….I’m talking about Mosquitoes! Those awful little creatures that jet around landing on humans (and animals) taking their fill of blood in exchange for debilitating diseases. Did you know that unlike most Earth-inhabiting life, Mosquitoes serve no purpose to the world? They do absolutely nothing for the good of the planet. So, I’m here today to tell you how to keep those suckers away this summer.

DIY Non-Toxic Mosquito Repellent in a Jar

27ef35665bf4fdb88cfb4849288baba7Here’s what you need:

  • 4 Mason Jars (you can also recycle jelly jars, etc)
  • 40 drops each – Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemon and Thieves essential oils (or use your own combination of oils but these are known to help to repel the bugs)
  • 2 fresh lemons
  • 2 fresh limes
  • 8 sprigs fresh rosemary
  • water
  • floating tea light candles

You can probably figure out what to do with these ingredients but I’ll tell you anyway. Combine all of the above ingredients (slice the fruits first) in a mason jar and set near your chair or on a table close by.


Burning Sage

Plan on having a summer barbecue or bonfire? Make sure you’ve got some sage to back you up. By heating sage in a fire pit or barbecue, you will instantly un-invite the Mosquitoes lurking in your yard. Trust me, they’ll know they aren’t welcome when they get one whiff of the sage. **Substitute Rosemary if sage isn’t your thing.


Yes, it turns out Mosquitoes are much like vampires. Take a handful of freshly peeled garlic cloves and put them in a jar. Pour boiling water over them (about an inch will do), let them sit in the sun for a day to get them nice and smelly and leave by the door or on a table outside.

Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil

Enough said. But here’s a picture just so you know what to look before you take a trip to Target to pick this stuff up.







 A few more tips…

The Calvert County Department of General Services Mosquito Control Program asks residents to assist in the control of the pests by inspecting their yards and eliminating standing water.

• Drain or dump water from tarps, buckets and flower pots.
• Keep roof gutters free of leaves and other debris.
• Fill in tree stump holes from blown over trees as soon as possible.
• Dispose of cans, plastic containers and anything else that can hold water.
• Cover or drill holes in recycling containers or outside trashcans.
• Turn over wheelbarrows, wading pools, children’s toys and other similar items or put them away.
• Store boats covered or upside down.
• Clean and put fresh water in birdbaths or wading pools regularly.

If all fails, or you’re reading this a little too late to prevent being bitten, keep an eye out for an article coming soon titled “Soothing Those Itchy Bug bites!” I’m sure you’re “itching” to here about some of the best remedies!

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